Sociology Class 11 CBSE (2022-23)


Full Marks Sociology Class 11 CBSE Guide Book

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FULL MARKS Sociology Class 11 CBSE (2022-2023) has been developed as per the latest syllabus issued by CBSE. It provides complete support material for the NCERT textbooks.

It has two parts:-

Part A: Introducing Sociology

Part B: Understanding Society.

The content of the book includes Facts that Matter, Words that Matter alongwith the complete solutions of NCERT Textbook Questions and also a lot of additional questions set on the pattern of board examination. Hence it is a complete tutorial support for the students.

The strength of the series lies in the process that we put in place while creating these support books:-

(a) Identifying the learning difficulties experienced by a large number of students struggling to perform satisfactorily in the examinations.

(b) Commissioning experienced writers who have been involved in teaching students who need support.

(c) Discussing and deciding on the ideal structure to present each concept in the course in a manner that can be easily understood by students.

(d) Focusing on presenting each concept in learner-friendly chunks so that the students improve step-by-step.

(e) Trials with students who are self-reliant learners because of non-availability of support in their home environment.

(f) Restructuring units on the basis of the trial results.

We are confident that such efforts will prove the fact that these are Success Books! Full Marks Sociology-XI is thus a complete, up-to-date, dependable and learner-friendly resource.

Additional information

Author A K Bhatnagar
ISBN 978-9351550655
Board CBSE
Class 11
Binding Paperback
Language English

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