Psychology Class 12 CBSE (2022-23)


Full Marks Psychology Class 12 CBSE Guide Book

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Salient features of FULL MARKS Psychology Class 12 CBSE (2022-2023):-

  • Chapter at a Glance of each chapter will give you a complete understanding of the chapter in concise form.
  • All NCERT Textual Questions are solved.
  • This book also incorporates Learning Checks Questions, Very Short Answer Type Questions, Short Answer Type Questions, Long Answer Type Questions, in accordance with the latest CBSE syllabus.
  • The book has a comparative advantages for the students since the book features Case Studies and Practicals have also been given.
  • CBSE Examination Papers have also been given.

I acknowledge with gratitude and humility the help received from my trusted colleagues in revising this book. It may not be possible to enlist all those who rendered their valuable help in this venture. I hope the teachers and students of Psychology will cherish my effort.

Additional information

ISBN 978-9351550259
Board CBSE
Class 12
Pages 288
Binding Paperback
Language English

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