EASY Marks NCERT Exemplar Problems-Solutions Chemistry Class 11 (2022-23)


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Easy Marks NCERT Solutions to Exemplar Problems Chemistry-XI is mainly based on the idea to present the considerable requirements of the Exemplar Problems in a simple and detailed manner.

Salient features of the book:

  • Scientific and methodological solutions to the textual questions are provided.
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with explanation for understanding the concept better.
  • The explanation of the answers are provided with diagram, wherever needed.
  • Very Short, Short and Long Answer Type Questions are given to provide students with more practical problems.

It has always been our endeavor to provide better quality material to the students. If there are any suggestions for the betterment of the book, we will certainly try to incorporate them.

Additional information

ISBN 9789351551515
Class Class : 11
Pages 248

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